Counselling sessions

A picture of my consulting room where your counselling sessions will take place

My approach to counselling sessions

During counselling sessions my aim is to provide a caring and supportive counselling service to both individuals and couples.

Non-judgemental, confidential and boundaried are just a few of the many positive attributes of a good counselling session.  My intention is to ensuring such qualities are always present in my own counselling sessions.   And it is for this reason that I consider such a session to be the perfect context in which to really help those struggling with challenging situations.  Situations involving abuse, bereavement, relationship difficulties, depression, anxiety, stress and many other sources of emotional pain all require a safe sensitive therapeutic space.  This is why I consider creating such an environment a high priority for achieving effective counselling solutions.

Furthermore, and of equal importance, I also consider the quality of the relationship between Client and Counsellor to be critical.  I place a great deal of importance on ensuring that you feel safe and understood.  In addition I work hard to ensure you can be your real self during our time together.

Counselling is intended to be healing and supportive but can also bring up challenging feelings.  In order to receive the most benefit it is important for us to take time to talk through these potentially uncomfortable feelings.  In this way the messages and hidden wisdom they contain can be properly understood.

My ethical and professional standards of counselling

Running alongside and underpinning my approach to counselling is the fact that I aim to work ethically and professionally at all times.  This further enhances your therapeutic experience. 

I am a full professional member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP).  I work in accordance with BACP’s ethical code of practice.  And in addition I’m listed on their accredited register of Counsellors and Psychotherapists.  My service is covered by professional indemnity insurance.  And I also ensure that I receive regular ongoing supervision to monitor the quality and effectiveness of my professional practice.

Counselling practicalities

The counselling process will begin with a 90 minute initial consultation.  This takes the form of an assessment of the issues you are currently facing.  It also provides an opportunity to explore whether the service I provide is suitable for your individual needs.  As an alternative we can discuss other sources of help.  If that is the case I will be here to support you in reviewing those that would be most appropriate for you.

The total number of any subsequent counselling sessions will vary depending upon your ongoing needs.  These sessions are 50 minutes in duration.  There will be frequent opportunities to review and reflect upon the progress made in tackling the difficulties you face.

Attending counselling sessions

I offer daytime, evening and weekend appointments for both an initial consultation as well as ongoing counselling sessions.  These sessions will usually take place on a weekly basis.  And, as far as possible, on the same day and time each week.  I’ll take all reasonable precautions to keep sessions free from interruptions.

I promise to be ready to see you at the appointed time.  Please be mindful of the fact that if you are late the counselling session will still need to finish at the usual time.  I will not cancel a session with you unless it is completely unavoidable and will also endeavour to give you adequate notice of holiday breaks, etc. 

If you cannot attend your counselling session for any reason please could you contact me as soon as you can.  It may be possible to re-schedule our time together within the same week.  Because time is being specifically reserved for you, I charge the full fee for either non-attendance or for a session cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice.  I charge half the full fee for all other cancellations.

Counselling confidentiality boundaries

I take confidentiality very seriously.  I will keep all information discussed during the counselling process strictly confidential to this service and associated supervisory support unless:

  1. Issues arise that for legal reasons I must refer on (e.g.: Terrorism, Drug Trafficking, and those in the Children Act).
  2. And/or I am concerned that there is a serious risk to yourself or another person.

It is for this reason that I will ask you for your GP or other medical professional’s details. 

The purpose of breaching confidentiality in such cases would be so I can ensure your safety or the safety of others.  I will do this, wherever possible, by first seeking your consent.

In order to assist the counselling process I keep confidential records of the sessions.  I will take very great care to protect your identity and ensure that such records are stored securely.

What clients say about my sessions

If you’d like to hear how others have experienced my counselling sessions please see the client testimonials page of this website.

Client testimonials