Client Testimonials

Rob receives an abundance of thank you's from his clients…you have given me the gift of your expertise:

“Dear Rob.  Working with you has been an amazing life journey for me.  It has been a pleasure to share my work with you.  I thank you for all your encouragement you have given me….you have given me the gift of your expertise in counselling.”  [62 year old Male]

…I have been so blessed to have had you as my Counsellor:

“Rob, I can’t thank you enough for all your support and guidance.  I have been so blessed to have had you as my Counsellor.”  [48 year old Female]

…I’ve only heard good things about you:

“Thank you for everything you’ve done with N, all the things you’ve helped her with.  It’s amazing to see the difference from last year to this.  You’ve helped N confront her worrying, her self-confidence and many other things, including her self-worth, which I am so grateful for, first as her friend, then boyfriend and now fiancé…..N will continue to hold onto the lessons she has learnt with you over the last year, even in your absence.  I’ve only heard good things about you and I know N will miss her time with you.  Thank you.”  [Fiancé of 19 year old Female]

…forever grateful:

“Thank you.  My journey may not be finished but I am certainly equipped to fight dragons.  I am still a drama queen but at least I am not hiding behind a mask.  Thank you for helping me.  Forever grateful.  S”  [33 year old Female]

…it’s the quality of what you have to give:

“Therapy’s been a nice security net to have.  Even if I’m having a particularly troubled or hard time I know that all I have to do is just make it through till Monday and then I can come here and you can refocus my thinking slightly and sort of make everything better without having an influence on things.  So to lose your help and perspective on things will be hard as it’s something that I’ve not actually been able to get anywhere else.  Whereas I may be able to get a friendly listening ear and I might speak to people who care a great deal it doesn’t mean they’ve got a lot of sense to offer back.  So I suppose it’s the quality of what you have to give me – that’s something I’m going to miss.”  [40 year old Female]

…we like how you work:

“It’s been hugely beneficial to be able to vent but in a controlled and focused way and work through what that all means.  It’s been liberating and it’s been great, it really has and we really appreciate what you’ve been able to do with us and we’d have loved to be able to have seen some more of you but that’s not possible right now.  Our only concern is that when we do go back to counselling, as we’ve got use to you and we like how you work with us, how would we do that and find that again [with someone else].  We’ve really related to you.  It’s been really good.  Thank you for everything.”  [Married couple comprising 39 year old Male and 42 year old female]

…it’s been an amazing help…and has given me the tools to move forward:

“…it’s been an amazing help.  It’s been insightful and has given me the tools to move forwards and upwards and to prevent the depression from returning [as a result of] doing everything that has been discussed during my time in therapy.  Rob has helped me all the way through the process and gently guided me and made it easy for me to understand and to implement.  I’m in a better place now and although more bad things have happened I have coped so much better than I have before.  The future is definitely a lot brighter and has a lot more direction…“  [37 year old male]

…I am at the top of my mountain:

“We have now finished our journey together.  I am at the top of my mountain looking out at a whole new world for me to explore.  I just need the courage to take that leap, to be that eagle, to fly, to feel the wind carrying me across the seas, the land, to feel totally free.”  [36 year old Female]


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