Helping you

the world you can enter as a result of the help you'll recieve which is beyond your distressI have heartfelt empathy for you in your pain and distress

It’s a great credit to you that you are seeking the help you need.  Taking that first step can feel very daunting so I’m here to help. 

You’ve reached the point where you’ve courageously decided to find a Counsellor who offers effective solutions to your distress.  Right now you may well be

  • experiencing anxiety, stress, depression, suffering loss, or in a problem relationship 
  • lacking confidence, self-esteem, meaning or purpose or have a sense of untapped potential
  • experiencing any combination of these or other such distressing feelings
  • looking for someone who can work with a range of issues, whether they seem to be caused by present or past experiences
  • sick and tired of feeling so awful and desperately wanting to eliminate or, at the very least, reduce that pain
  • struggling to make sense of things and are trying to figure out the best place to go to get the help you need
  • feeling stuck having already tried other things and not wanting to simply “receive some more help”
  • seeking compassionate and professional support that will assist you to learn to truly cope with, and effectively resolve, your problems
  • bewildered by all the choices in front of you and at a loss as to know where to start

Does this sound like you?  Then you’ve come to the right place.

How I can help you

Sharing and talking things through with an experienced Counsellor can make all the difference.  By seeking my help you can begin finding ways to resolve issues, change perspectives, and learn strategies to help you cope with life.

Effective Counselling Solutions offers a safe environment in which to explore difficult situations and experiences.  The ultimate aim is to empower you.  Counselling, when done correctly, will enable you to make your own choices and decisions, and help determine a constructive way forward that’s right for you.  That’s why I see my role as your Counsellor as being about helping you to help yourself develop effective solutions to your distress.

How I work to help you help yourself

Here at Effective Counselling Solutions my aim is to offer you a warm, compassionate and insightful therapeutic experience.  I want you to feel you’re within a calm, caring, supportive, and confidential safe space, entirely devoted to your emotional and psychological well-being.  The end goal is to provide a caring and effective route out of your pain.  By applying my training and experience to that task I want to help you develop solutions to a whole host of issues you are now facing.

My service is customer based.  This means I take great care to tailor my therapeutic approach to the individual needs of my clients whether they be male or female, individuals or couples.  Please feel free to explore other pages on this website to gain a greater appreciation of what Effective Counselling Solutions has to offer.  Suffice to say that in all that I do my mission is to help you experience greater emotional and psychological good health.  Just as important, I want to empower you to develop the skills to remain that way once you feel ready to leave this service.

Other features of my service designed to help you

I have my own comfortable private consulting room located in Cheltenham.  It is designed and dedicated to supporting us as we work on your troubling issues together.  Free on-site parking is available if required.  Daytime, evening and weekend appointments are available for both initial consultations as well as ongoing counselling sessions. 

My greatest hope for you, and the part I might play in helping you achieve that goal…

My greatest hope for you is that you receive just the right help and support you need and deserve.  Consequently I hope you accept my offer of an initial consultation so I can demonstrate I have that very aim in mind for you.  During your consultation I will work collaboratively with you to assess and reach agreement regarding your issues and needs.  I will then help you help yourself decide what the next step might be for you.  We can then begin working on your problems in an effective and pragmatic way.  This way you can start achieving your ultimate goal of experiencing real relief from all your pain. 

Please feel free to get in touch to receive the help you need

I’d love to hear from you, so please get in touch.  If you have any questions or would like to go ahead and enquire about booking an appointment for an initial consultation then simply telephone, text, or email me or complete the contact form

Cheltenham is the geographic base for Effective Counselling Solutions which exists to provide the help you need

I understand the importance of finding the right person for you and your needs.  So I’m more than happy to have a free no obligation telephone conversation with you.  I hope that this will give you the opportunity to decide that I’m just the right counsellor for you!

Finally, whatever source of help I hope you receive, I wish you all the very best for the future in your journey to wellness.

With warmest best wishes

Rob Price MBACP

Your Counsellor